Event Planning Resources

So you’re ready to begin planning your event. This page is intended to guide you through the event planning process and provide you with helpful resources.

First, review the 2 steps detailed below.

Step 1 – Scheduling your event

Before scheduling your event please consider the following information.

  1. What rooms/spaces are available?
    Please contact the following offices to schedule your event, and to determine if other events or activities around campus could have an impact on the date you are considering

    • Email Cheryl L. Heath at the Registrar’s Office –  heathcl@sunybroome.edu
      [The Registrar's Office administers our Room Booking System. They will help you check the availability of spaces around campus.]
    • Maintenance 778-5007
      [Maintenance will help you make sure there will be no parking lots being repaved, electrical work being done, or other activities that could impact your event.]
    • Public Safety 778-5083
      [Public Safety will help you determine if automobile or foot traffic from other events could impact the date you are considering. NOTE: You may need special permission from Public Safety in the event that any parking, occupancy, or excessive traffic concerns arise.]
    • Athletics Office - 778-5003
      [Be sure to check with Athletics if your event may impact sporting events. This is especially important when an event happens in or near the Student Center or near our playing fields.]
    • Ice Center Office - 778-5568
      [Call the Ice Center Director, Chris Novitsky, to ensure your event does not conflict with an Ice Center event or if you are interested in holding your event in the Ice Center.]
  2. Is your event a Co-Sponsored or 3rd party event? (Note: These events require very specific approvals)
    If your event involves an off campus company or group you will need to provide an insurance certificate (Contact 778-5012).
    You also will also need to fill out a Co-Sponsored Event Form
    . This form details all the steps required to initiate this type of event. Co-sponsored events CANNOT BE SCHEDULED, and space will not be set aside, until this form is fully completed.Note: if no college department is officially associated with this event, it may be handled as a rental. Please Contact Continuing Ed for details at 778-5012.

Step 2 – Setting up your event and arranging for specific needs

  1. Setups:
    To arrange for the setup of spaces, tables, chairs, power, signage, staging, or room layout needs, please contact our Maintenance Department via this web form.
  2. Buildings and Parking:
    To arrange for access to buildings, and discuss parking permissions and needs, please contact our Public Safety Office  at 778-5083
  3. Technical Support:
    Please use the Technical Request form (CSR – on campus only) or call 778-5657
  4. Audio & Presentation Media Support:
    Need microphones, a PA system, or a data projector?  Please fill out this request form.
    Note: MarCom does not provide Video Taping and Photography services for events
  5. Catering:
    Please contact -
    Helen DeVita
    Catering Director
    American Dining Creations
    P: 607-778-5140
    C: 607-237-5572
  6. Promotion: Need promotion for your event? Please fill out the “share your news” form.
  7. Event Consulting and Advice – The special events office is available to consult on the “look and feel” of your event. We can also help you arrange for signage and institutional brand materials (Post up stands, table throws, directional signage). Have a question regarding any of the steps above? Need a checklist to help keep your event on track?  Contact us at events@sunybroome.edu.