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Students and Stinger at a Bakesale during 24 Hours of Giving 2023.

We did it!

Our 9th Annual 24 Hours of Giving was very successful!

Thank you to everyone who supported us during Giving Day and continues to support the Foundation throughout the year. Our students are grateful for your generosity and, on their behalf, we just want to say… Thank you!

Our Progress

Our Donors

Your donations at work

Here are a few recent stories of how generosity impacted our College.

2023 Scholarships

2023 Student Awards Recognition Reception:

Celebrating students and donors and six new scholarships

Kelsey smiles and poses with her donors

On May 9, 2023, over 600 people gathered in a sea of folding chairs inside SUNY Broome’s Ice Center. Students, friends, family, scholarship donors, professors, and college employees attended the Student Awards Recognition Reception to recognize the academic efforts of scholarship winners and the philanthropy of the countless donors who make it all possible.

Nicholas Mugglin holds up a thank you sign

Nicholas Mugglin holds up a thank you sign

This year, over 420 scholarships were given to help incoming, continuing, graduating, and transferring students afford their college education. These scholarships award a range of amounts from $200 to the multi-year full-tuition coverage of the Presidential Honors Scholarship. The average scholarship is worth $500.

In 2023, the Foundation had six brand-new scholarships.

Keep reading in the Foundation Annual Report.

Supporting International Opportunities

Celebrating Storytelling and Heritage

SUNY Broome and Universidad de Celaya students explore each other’s cultures to create storytelling exhibit

Small fake decorated skulls at the exhibit
The Gallery @ SUNY Broome was overflowing with faculty, staff, students, and friends of the College on June 8, 2023, in honor of the debut of the Storytelling and Heritage exhibit, curated collaboratively by a group of anthropology students from SUNY Broome and the Universidad de Celaya, Mexico. The exhibit showcased a collection of photographs, interviews, and artistic pieces depicting Mexican and American cultures. The event resulted from the overwhelming success of Anthropology 288: Storytelling and Heritage, an invitation-only travel course designed to highlight the power of storytelling and its ability to bridge cultural gaps.

“A few of the SUNY Broome students who participated in the course had previously never left the country, so the impact of this type of international, experiential learning was even more significant. Courses like ANT 288 truly enrich our students’ lives,” said Professor Kathleen McKenna.

Mexican and American college students bonding

Keep reading in the Foundation Annual Report.

Ways You Can Help

Donations empower students to complete their goals and provide financial support and educational opportunities. With increasing college costs, living expenses, and economic hardship, many cannot afford college without financial assistance.

Scholarships & Grants-In-Aid

A group of Students crowd around Stinger, the college Hornet mascot, and give thumbs-up signs

Over 420 need-based or merit-based scholarships are awarded annually to deserving students. Because of private support, hundreds of students are recognized for their hard work and can achieve their goals with less debt.

SUNY Broome also awards many students in need with grants-in-aid, without requiring them to apply for the assistance (which is necessary to be considered for a scholarship).

Student Emergency Fund

Girl with a student planner

The Student Emergency Fund helps SUNY Broome students in troubling times to stay in college and move into a brighter tomorrow. The fund grants up to $500 or documented emergency expenses such as unexpected medical bills, car repairs, and more to students in need.

Faculty Development

Faculty development donations support expanded and updated professional knowledge for our faculty and staff and create resources for unique faculty and student projects.

Campus Enhancements

Our mission also includes providing the college with the funding to enhance our campus and acquire modern, up-to-date equipment, which keeps SUNY Broome at the forefront of innovation and technology.

24 Hours of Giving Videos

Students holding up Thank You signs.

Scholarships Give Students a Boost

Donors not only create financial support for students in need, but, in the case of scholarship recipients, they create an emotional boost as students realize that someone has invested in their  future.

Quran says he appreciates the importance of education, “not only for myself, but for the generations after me…” Keep Reading.

Students holding up Thank You signs.

Scholarships Help to Make Dreams Real

Stories from students who received scholarships this year – this time focusing on adult students with children.

Amanda went back to school in her early thirties as a mom. She says,“I was overjoyed to see all my hard work pay off…” Keep Reading.

Students holding up Thank You signs.

Investing in Students and the Future

Thousands of SUNY Broome students have been financially supported by donors who invest in students and their futures.

Jaylen says, “I have always wanted to serve, and a nursing career will satisfy my desire to help…” Keep Reading.

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Burnard F. ’66 and Susan K. ’84 Walling
Calley R. Rebello ’04
Carl L. Eugeni ’63
Carlton L. ’67 and Deborah M. Terry
Catherine R. Williams and Dr. Aleksey Tikhomirov
Charles E. Georgia ’64
Charles J. Quagliata
Charles M. ’71 and Judy A. Scarantino
Charles S. ’69 and Ruthanne D. ’68 Kneisel
Cheryl J. Kurosky ’76
Cheryl L. Sullivan ’04
Chris C. Julian ’62
Chris G. ’73 and Joyce H. ’73 Pierce
Clare L. Finkler ’69
Colleen M. Cashman ’85
Colleen M. Culverwell ’90
Colleen McGuigan ’76
Connie Gibbons ’67
Conrad J. ’66 and Lorna E. ’91 Steigerwald
Constance M. Judge ’90
Daniel J. Abashian ’08
Daniel L. and Cheryl A. Myers
Daniel L. Winters ’82
Daniel M. ’80 and Mary A. ’66 Bruet
Danielle M. Berchtold ’97
David and Dr. Kelli H. Ligeikis
David E. Hoefer ’50
David F. ’67 and Regina F. Spencer
David J. Barnett ’88
David J. Baycura ’71
David J. Sweterlitsch ’94
David Sedelmeyer ’78
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Dawn F. Young
Dawn M. Durfee ’94
Debbie S. Hart ’83
Deborah L. Callaghan ’79
Debra B. Thompson ’74
Dennis M. ’71 and Cheryl N. ’72 Feheley
Dennis R. Fish ’68
Diane M. Hamilton ’61
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Diane W. Peworchik ’67
Dollene V. Fox ’74
Donald J. Savage ’53
Doreen M. ’69 McPartland-Voigt and Colin Voigt
Douglas C. and Judy Garnar
Dr. Andrea C. Wade ’15
Dr. Carol A. Ross-Scott
Dr. Christine Martey-Ochola
Dr. Claire E. Ligeikis-Clayton ’76
Dr. Daniel Brennan and Alison Sheridan-Brennan
Dr. David F. ’71 and Kathleen A. ’70 Brauer
Dr. Francis L. ’68 and Dr. Helen T. ’74 Battisti
Dr. Jennifer ’23 and Thomas J. ’87 Musa
Dr. Kathleen McKenna
Dr. Kevin E. and Bonnie Drumm
Dr. Kraig M. Brigham ’76
Dr. Linda H. Biemer
Dr. Marie A. Davenport ’64
Dr. Michael Kinney
Dr. Penny A. Kelly ’83
Dr. Phyllis M. O’Donnell
Dr. Richard M. and Ellen D. ’75 Romano
Dr. Tony D. Hawkins
Dr. William S. Altman and Jill Shultz
Duane R. Whittaker and Nilsa E. ’95 Mariano
E. Patrick Smith ’59
Edna M. Peterson ’97
Edward H. Evans
Edward R. White
Edward T. Stensjo ’77
Elaine J. Gates ’60
Elaine M. Sapp ’63
Eli C. Foote ’15
Elizabeth Bobik ’70
Ellen M. Solomon ’85
Eric D. ’68 and Connie Tidwell Beach
Eric W. ’87 and Laura E. ’89 Webster
Erin A. Marulli
Erin Frye
Estie J. ’80 and Ronald H. Mowry
F. Michele Aton ’90
Florence J. Runyon ’74
Frances A. ’85 and C. Frank Berry
Francis J. Gacioch ’73
Frank E. Berrish ’66
Fred D. ’66 and Elaine S. ’69 Iannon
Fred Hall ’68
Fred M. Eines ’83
Frederick J. Martin ’60
Frederick R. Xlander ’76
G. Robert ’70 and Kathleen Vormwald
Gail G. ’69 and Dennis P. Dougherty
Gary and Ann Cattarin
Gary E. ’66 and Roberta C. ’67 Zurn
Gerald A. Newman ’58
Gerald R. Newby ’71
Gerald S. Campos ’71
Gerald V. ’79 and Theresa M. Rasmussen
Gordon B. Brown ’60
Gordon R. Lamb ’76
Gudrun G. Knight ’87
Hans Van Houten
Harlan M. ’01 and Laurie A. ’97 Forrest
Harold G. ’60 and Judith C. Shafer Jr.
Harold Garbooshian ’62
Heather L. Hoffman
Heather M. Eaton
Heidi K. Melzer ’12
Henry R. Hopkins ’62
Herbert and Deborah Lake ’94
Hubert W. ’90 and Gretchen V. Douglas
Hung D. Dao ’18
Ila L. VanFleet ’55
Ilene M. Greenwald ’72
Imran Battla
J. Lukas ’69
Jack J. Malchak ’67
James F. Carter ’73
James H. Weir ’64
James J. ’71 and Marilyn H. ’71 Nickerson
James J. Babcock ’64
James P. Testani
James S. Koniuto ’93
James W. ’61 and Karen J. MacBeth
Janet and Donald Beal
Janet Z. Denman
Janice L. Pitera
Jean C. and John K. Krichbaum
Jean Prusik ’72
Jeanette Tillotson
Jeffrey A. and Denise M. ’74 Jurik
Jeffrey B. Huffcut ’65
Jeffrey F. ’68 Moore and A. Carol ’94 Towers
Jeffrey G. Mauro ’10
Jerome J. ’77 and Donna M. ’80 Ozovek
Jesse Wells
Joan E. Gunn ’63
Joan M. D’Oro ’82
Joanne B. Tarbox ’71
John A. Giblin ’84
John A. Mauro ’79
John B. Mulford III ’66
John E. ’57 and Mary K. ’58 Herrick
John F. ’71 and Kathleen M. ’77 Mollo
John H. ’63 and Rita M. Cregier II
John L. Butler ’75
John M. ’63 and Kwi Ok K. ’87 Andrejack
John M. Titus ’74
John R. ’70 and Susan E. ’79 Lindley
John W. Tarbox ’09
Joseph A. Battaglini ’61
Joseph M. ’67 and Francine A. Massara
Joseph M. ’86 and Ann E. Potak
Joseph P. ’82 and Karel J. Reed
Joseph P. and Margaret J. Butler
Joseph P. Lomonaco Sr. ’62
Joseph W. ’72 Allen and Patricia M. ’71 O’Connor-Allen
Judith A. Bukwa ’65
Judith A. Kominos-Reitz ’85
Judy Bates Wysnewski ’58
Karen A. Warters ’69
Karen J. Goodman
Karen R. Maddock ’61
Karen S. Kelly ’75
Katherine M. and Warren D. Bacon
Kathleen A. ’76 and Robert Fairbrother
Kathleen D. Connelly ’79
Kathleen McKenzie ’77
Kathryn Connerton
Kathryn M. ’87 and Michael A. Mele
Kay Boland
Kay F. Hahn-Casler ’67
Kay M. Schreiber ’76
Ken ’83 and Heather Kidder
Kennard W. Brown Jr. ’52
Kenneth E. ’69 and Margaret A. Gill
Kerry L. Gallagher
Kimberley J. Tingley ’84
Konstantinos Politis ’96
Kristen L. Ford ’87
Kristine S. Caughell ’73
Kurt R. Borski
Larry T. Truillo ’73
Laura J. Hodel ’15
Lawrence C. and Karen Anderson
Lawrence F. D. Wheeler ’67
Lawrence J. ’07 and Colleen M. ’82 Donahue
Leigh A. ’77 and Joseph S. Toth
Leigh T. Martindale ’23
Leo and Libby O’Connor
Leslie A. Molessa ’75
Lewis C. ’71 and Mary E. ’70 Mauro
Libin Babu
Linda A. ’69 and Keith W. ’72 Hackley
Linda J. Battaglini ’69
Linda Swope Immoor ’63
Lisa Stratford ’74
Liza Turner
Lorna J. Wells ’83
Louis N. Ciesco ’82
Lowell W. ’71 and Ruth I. Stever
Marcia E. ’65 and Ronald Huntley
Marcia J. Steinbrecher ’84
Margaret A. Reardon ’68
Margaret A. Turna
Maria E. Cuffaro ’85
Marie K. McDonald ’89
Marion P. Brown ’52
Mark A. Gialanella ’73
Mark and Carol McDonough
Mark R. ’84 and Patricia A. Beaudoin
Mark R. Whalen ’77
Mark S. ’79 and Eileen M. ’81 Mushalla
Marlene A. McNulty ’71
Marlene A. Yacos ’69
Martin J. Guzzi ’83
Mary A. McCarthy ’73
Mary E. Lidaka ’72
Mary E. Segedi ’87
Mary Lou Price ’65
Mary R. Fisher ’80
Matthew P. Ebbers ’15
Maureen D. and Joseph T. Wilson
Maureen K. Kollar-Breck ’13
Meghan McGuinness ’97
Meigo H. and Michael W. Fitzpatrick
Melvin F. ’58 and Barbara Beam
Merrell R. Washington ’65
Michael A. and Dot Marinaccio
Michael A. Hudy ’72
Michael D. and Angela Sherwood
Michael E. Minnich ’66
Michael F. Kornprobst ’70
Michael J. Stamets
Michael J. Sullivan
Michael M. Nirchi ’92
Michael R. Tesla ’70
Michael R. Wood ’72
Michele A. ’86 and Shawn R. Resue
Michele J. ’77 and Terry L. Shirhall
Michele McKay
Morton and Ronnie Goldberg
N. Douglas Johnson ’53
Nancy G. Quattrociocchi ’96
Nancy M. Kratky Stefanski ’67
Nancy P. Ellis
Nancy S. ’78 and Kenneth L. Thrash
Neal C. Janaushek ’62
Nicholas J. Taro Jr. ’95
Nicholas Roma ’77
Nina M. Canzler ’83
Norma M. Slocum ’73
Norman A. ’69 and Aleta Woodward
Norman W. ’56 and Diane I. ’89 Bauer
Norman W. ’61 and Yvonne Weber
Oscar C. Lerwick Jr. ’70
Paige and Paul ’89 Sedlacek
Pamela A. Bealo ’83
Patricia Distin Griffiths ’71
Patricia H. Cluck ’92
Patricia L. Phillips ’82
Patricia S. Wilson ’93
Patrick A. ’95 Hollenbeck and Loreta Paniccia
Paul and Nicole Huff
Pauline R. ’69 and Ernest A. Azevedo
Peggy J. Holmes
Penny DelFavero
Peter D. Hudak ’78
Peter J. Dionne ’86
Peter M. Mueller ’61
Peter S. Kleszics ’12
Peyton R. Hawkes ’86
Philip H. Martin Jr. ’76
Rand C. ’77 and Deborah K. Barnum
Randal E. ’78 and Patricia Novak
Randy Harvey and Tina M. ’89 Tomassetti
Raymond A. ’73 and Joanne L. Gee
Raymond C. Wood ’62
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Rebecca J. Komorowski ’76
Reverend Janet E. Wright ’68
Rhoda R. Neal ’99
Richard C. Griffis
Richard D. Norton ’69
Richard H. Arvonio ’78
Richard J. ’70 and Kathleen M. ’71 Reed
Richard J. and Kathleen M. Allman
Richard J. Kazmark ’85
Richard J. Lane ’73
Richard W. ’57 and Frances B. Truex
Ricky R. ’76 and Paula M. ’73 Halliday
Robert A. O’Connor ’56
Robert C. ’72 and Judy A. ’68 Cherinko
Robert E. ’68 and Barbara J. ’68 Martin
Robert E. Cook ’62
Robert J. ’77 and LoriAnne ’00 Welch
Robert J. ’81 and Karen E. ’97 Opeka
Robert J. Connelly ’62
Robert L. ’69 and Bonny M. ’69 Sunheimer
Robert L. Parke Sr. ’74
Robert Lofthouse
Robert P. Fridh ’78
Robert T. ’69 and Janet ’69 Darcangelo
Robin G. Chodkowski ’96
Ronald C. ’70 and Cheryl Finch
Ronald E. ’83 and Cynthia J. ’76 Wenzinger
Ronald J. Bates
Ronald J. Purtell ’64
Rose A. Pero ’19
Rosemary K. Reich ’67
Russell A. Burdick ’84 and Julie-Anne Mason Burdick
Russell L. ’62 and Joan E. ’61 Stanton
Russell T. Sanaeko ’71
Ruth Allstadt ’06
Samantha M. Smith ’10
Samuel J. Payzant ’18
Sandra A. Compositor ’63
Sandra H. Ruffo ’92
Sara Rose
Scott M. Craver ’93
Shane M. McGuire
Shanna F. Messing ’67
Sharon A. Burke ’76
Shawn L. Yetter ’82
Shelli L. Reals
Shirley M. Spalik ’74
Sissy S. Slick ’72
Stephen D. ’72 and Linda Matey
Stephen M. ’73 and Linda C. ’72 Gardner
Stephen M. Darrow ’92
Stephen M. Musci ’75
Steven A. Kattell ’80
Steven A. Taggart ’82
Steven C. Natale ’88
Steven H. Myers ’75
Stuart A Reynolds ’61
Susan D. Boyce ’78
Susan L. Wellington
Susan M. Brosious-Jennings ’84
Susan M. Frisbee ’80
Suzanne G. Sullivan
Tad A. Cline ’86
Telessa A. Bean ’95
Theresa A. ’81 and James W. Orband
Thomas C. Lutton ’68
Thomas E. Guth ’78
Thomas H. Traver ’61
Thomas J. Roney ’68
Thomas L. and Corinne H. Crandell
Thomas R. Hammitt ’69
Thomas W. ’74 and Suzanne B. ’79 Jastran
Thong Nguyen
Timothy ’85 and Diane Antisdel
Tom H. ’68 and Leah L. Neely
Valerie A. Vavra ’78
Vanthini Keo ’05
Venessa L. Rodriguez
Vincent J. ’64 and Kathleen M. Innarella
Wallace H. ’69 and Dorothy K. ’66 Benjamin Jr.
Walter F. ’84 and Kerry Wintsch Jr.
Walter J. ’72 and Jean T. ’71 Savichky
Werner J. Weiss ’59
Wilhelmina A. Haruk ’59
William C. ’70 and Diane E. Prentice
William E. ’67 and Eileen F. Seymer
William E. ’76 and Frances M. ’76 Virun
William H. Decker ’67
William L. Donohue Sr. ’73
William M. Dutter ’66
William S. Davenport
Yvette Akel
Rod F. Birdsall ’65
Angela Bergholtz ’23
Odessa V. Quinonez
Marie E. Finelli ’15
Patrick J. ’89 and Mary Scanlan
Mary Ann Nelson
Kathryn White
Daniel Houck
Traise Moncrieft
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