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We did it!

We have surpassed our goals again!

Our 7th Annual 24 Hours of Giving was more successful than we could’ve ever imagined. We raised $257,425 from 424 donors!

Thank you to everyone who supported us! Our students are grateful for your generosity and, on their behalf, we just want to say… Thank you!

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Student Support

Our top priority is to provide financial support and   educational opportunity to students. With increasing college costs, living expenses, and pandemic-related economic hardship, many cannot attend college without additional assistance. Because of our donors, students are empowered to complete their education.


The BCC Foundation aids students through both need-based grants-in-aid and merit-based scholarships. Because of private support, hundreds of students are recognized for their hard-work and are able to achieve their goals with less debt.

Faculty Development
Part of our mission is to provide our faculty and staff members with the resources to expand their professional knowledge by providing funding for unique faculty and student projects. This allows our faculty to stay current on the latest trends by providing funds to attend workshops and seminars.
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Campus Enhancements

Our mission also includes providing the college with the funding to make enhancements to our campus and acquire modern, up-to-date equipment which keeps SUNY Broome at the forefront of innovation and technology. Our donors can provide our students with the opportunity to have “real life” experiences in their programs.

24 Hours of Giving Videos

Three Happy Students holding up thank you signs.
Your support gives students a boost!

“My parents have already helped put three other kids through college. This scholarship will greatly help with my expenses,” said nursing major, Abbey…

Three more SUNY Broome students smile and hold up signs that read "Thank You"
Scholarships help to make dreams real

“This award means a lot to me because not only will it help me financially, but it will help me to achieve a dream and my future,” said Jeidimarie…

Students holding Thank You signs.
Investing in Students and the Future

““I am so truly grateful that you have chosen me to invest in… it is a great feeling knowing that there are other people out there who believe in me,” Tosha told her donors…


The BCC Foundation Phonathon Callers are our “Front-line Fundraisers”; raising support from our community – for their fellow students. Our phonathon callers want to help students afford their education.

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Print out this sheet and let everyone know why you chose to give. Make sure to use the hashtag #Broome24.


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Danielle M. Berchtold ’97
Colleen M. Culverwell ’90
Martin J. Guzzi ’83
Rachael M. Hagerman ’99
Peyton R. Hawkes ’86
Dr. Penny A. Haynes ’83
Laura J. Hodel ’15
Scott E. Kavulich ’01
Richard J. Kazmark ’85
Vanessa LoPiccolo ’18
Valerie J. Mahar Ambrose ’85
Heidi K. Melzer ’12
Steven C. Natale ’88
Rhoda R. Neal ’99
Gerald R. Newby ’71
Larry T. Truillo ’73
Anne S. Uncapher ’84
David L. and Colleen Adour
Penny DelFavero
Dr. Kevin E. and Bonnie Drumm
Meigo H. and Michael W. Fitzpatrick
Erin Frye
Richard C. Griffis
Peggy J. Holmes
Barbara A. Hughes
Jean C. and John K. Krichbaum
Robert Lofthouse
Anthony G. LoTempio
Dr. Kathleen McKenna
Patrick A. ’95 Hollenbeck and Loreta Paniccia
Jon and Andrea Roma
Sara Rose
Dr. Carol Ross-Scott
Paige and Paul Sedlacek
Jeanette Tillotson
Susan L. Wellington
Catherine R. Williams and Dr. Aleksey Tikhomirov
Susan Woerner
Abel Antonio
Jacob Baker
Stephen Bauer
Sierra Bell
Diamond Bush
David Capodagno
Daniel Chavarria
Claudia Chermak
Ayman Chowdhury
Tina Citron
Carlos Contreus
Cody Coville
Nigel Deakin
Valeriia Demianenko
Sydney Dorcely
David Dosson
Elana Drew
Kailynn Drumm
Penny Edwards
Nolan Feroson
Jasmine Ferrer
Meaghen Fitzpatrick
Alexandra Fortini
Amy Gober
Haley Hagerman
Wendi Hamm
Darien House
Natalya Hover
Illan Ilyayw
Brent Isaacs
Maria Isabel
Josiah John
McKenna Jones
Lamisah King
Elizabeth Kuzel
Sofia LeBron
Hakeem Lockett
Dante Martin
Matthew Masino
Antonia McDermaeil
Lauren McGuire
Naur Meikle
Sophia Moore
Deneana Nazaire
Dominique Nazauie
Matthew Paige
Alyssa Pizzola
Tyler Rizzo
Rachael Rose
Jonathan Rousseau
Richard Schleider
Tina Seedborg
Jonah Shainberg
Brendon Shaver
Zainab Sheikki
Cheemon Tahir
Kamelah Union
Aleksandra Vasileua
Fermin ’06 and Whitney R. ’07 Romero III
Ciara M. Cable ’06
David Sedelmeyer ’78
Lawrence J. ’07 and Colleen M. ’82 Donahue
Monique R. Lee ’19
Cheryl J. Kurosky ’76
Lisa Stratford ’74
Dianne A. Bradtke ’73
Cheryl L. Sullivan ’04
Mary E. Chon ’77
Stephen E. ’76 and Mary Lewis
Doreen A. ’78 and Alan C. Schwartz
W. Gordon Crabb ’51
Marie K. McDonald ’89
Ronald J. Majka ’63
David G. ’74 and Diane D. Hunt
Lowell W. ’71 and Ruth I. Stever
Shirley M. Spalik ’74
Mark R. Albrecht ’76
Robert L. ’69 and Bonny M. ’69 Sunheimer
N. Douglas Johnson ’53
Peter D. Daniluk ’92
David F. ’67 and Regina F. Spencer
Robert A. O’Connor ’56
Jack Sherman Toyota, Inc.
Leo O’Connor
Robert J. ’77 and LoriAnne ’00 Welch
Scott M. Craver ’93
Daniel M. ’80 and Mary A. ’66 Bruet
Kathleen A. ’76 and Robert Fairbrother
Roger H. ’67 and Ann R. ’65 Calice
Bruce O. Billings ’77
Russell J. ’63 and Roberta E. Krager
Carol A. Baranowski ’66
Veronica T. Wetzel ’73
James W. ’61 and Karen J. MacBeth
Rand C. ’77 and Deborah K. Barnum
John L. ’64 and Donna R. Jones
Stephen D. ’72 and Linda Matey
Ellen M. Solomon ’85
Cedric C. Putnam ’64
Cheryl M. Vicinanza ’80
Je’ville S. Jack ’18
Jo Ann Kieffer ’73 and Reva Reid
Werner J. Weiss ’59
Richard E. Wheeler ’74
Diane M. Julian ’71
Paul A. ’87 and Ann M. Sargent
Roann J. Nowark ’90
Elsie T. Myers ’52
Marie E. ’74 and Jay A. Decatur
Neil B. Ciallelo ’04
Kerina Hankey
Anfal A. Elhassan
Matthew Wightman
SUNY Broome Student Giving
Kristine S. Caughell ’73
Nancy S. ’78 and Kenneth L. Thrash
David C. ’67 and Peggy A. ’67 Long Sr.
Chris C. Julian ’62
Kurt J. ’73 and Kelly A. Mohney
Leslie A. Molessa ’75
Don Foster
David E. Stone ’95
Matthew Marshall
David Hunter
Shane Bailey
Stacy Welner
Eric G. Pike ’85
Marielle C. Zuccolo ’02
Robert C. ’71 and Mary Ellen Steiner
Judith Still Fothergill ’65
Angelique Zuccolo ’98
Nancy E. Button
Margaret Folga
Patience Marmer
Keith M. Baird ’78
Fred D. ’66 and Elaine S. ’69 Iannon
Melvin F. ’58 and Barbara Beam
Michael D. Sherwood
Joan M. Hensberry ’76
Sharon A. Burke ’76
David J. ’75 and Carla M. Michalak
Donna M. Pedini ’77
Fred Hall ’68
Brenda K. Artman ’67
Eric W. ’87 and Laura E. ’89 Webster
Dr. Richard M. and Ellen D. ’75 Romano
Robert P. ’64 and Linda ’64 Seeger
Colleen McGuigan ’76
Ed Giolma ’63
Bruce T. Baker ’92
Michele A. ’86 and Shawn R. Resue
Dianne K. Gay ’72
Mark H. Olson ’76
Kathryn Connerton
Dr. David F. ’71 and Kathleen A. ’70 Brauer
Hristos P. ’87 and Jody M. ’82 Dimitriou
Brian F. Gillan ’83
David F. ’72 and Susan B. Smolinsky
Barbara A. Kachmar ’94
Dr. Michael A. Bogdasarian
Nancy P. Ellis
Dominick L. Santoni
Kathleen A. Sasina Picciano ’71
Michael A. and Dot Marinaccio
David J. Barnett ’88
Anne M. and Anthony P. Scott
Sarah Duffy
James P. ’84 and Mary E. ’85 Williams
Timothy Vigue
Mary Ann Nelson
Joan E. Gunn ’63
Daniel ’00 and Theresa A. ’78 Fadden
Margaret A. Turna
Lisa M. ’81 and Kim J. Clark
Helen D. Demetry ’71
William P. ’59 and Joyce T. Rozon
Malcolm R. Ketchum ’66
Yvette Akel
John T. Hastie
Ben M. and Susan C. ’90 Kasper
Michael C. ’82 and Sonia K. ’91 Lent
Richard J. and Kathleen M. Allman
Edward R. White
Russell L. ’62 and Joan E. M. ’61 Stanton
Andrew D. and Melissa E. Glenn
Dr. Peggy Wozniak and Paul Harger
Marcia J. Steinbrecher ’84
Edna M. Smith ’97
Susan D. Hess ’90
Monica Chiao
E. D. Crawford ’81
G. Robert ’70 and Kathleen Vormwald
Erin K. O’Hara-Leslie ’92
Alex Racketa Esq.
Kelly S. Jewett ’81
Rocco Savaiano
Bruce K. Oldfield ’71
Maureen A. Syron ’80
Darlene A. Kanuk ’94
Russell T. Sanaeko ’71
Nicole C. Pionteck ’18
Jesse Wells
Theresa D. Bennett ’70
Amanda R. Swift ’18
Jeffrey F. ’68 Moore and A. Carol ’94 Towers
Calley R. Rebello ’04
Morton and Ronnie Goldberg
Cindy L. Brookes ’97
Lynn M. Fedorchak ’80
Lori M. Smudde ’06
Mary Ellen Heffernan
Tanmaygiri K. Goswami ’19
Eric Schmela
Thomas L. and Corinne H. Crandell
Mary B. Drennon ’88
Bruce R. Schermerhorn ’85
Katelyn A. Madison ’12
Lynne A. Attanasso ’81
Megan Walter ’17
Shane M. McGuire
Wendy Gregiory
Catherine O’Brien
Hans Van Houten
Anna C. Joy ’69
Brian K. ’90 and Tamara L. ’90 Wanck
Elliott D. Reitz and Judith A. ’85 Kominos-Reitz
Emily Squires
Gerard J. ’81 and Diana L. ’82 Lenzo
Susan Major
Michael J. Stamets
Dr. Phyllis M. O’Donnell
Mike and Christine Koban
Cynthia L. Daniel ’18
Russell A. Burdick ’84 and Julie-Anne Mason Burdick
Dr. Kelli and David Ligeikis
Venessa Rodriguez
Michael J. and Marianne Murphy Sullivan
James J. Babcock ’64
Heather M. Hoffman ’92
Susan M. Stracquadanio ’14
Delanie R. Madison ’15
Patrick J. ’89 and Mary Scanlan
Daniel D. Sullivan
Connor Stout
Tracey Snow
Bobbie Fletcher
Sandra K. Wright
Dr. Daniel Brennan and Alison Sheridan-Brennan
Colleen M. Cashman ’85
Mark Kleckner
Joslyn Wood
Meghan McGuinness ’97
Suzanne Penavic
Lauren White
Nicholas J. Taro Jr. ’95
Katherine M. and Warren D. Bacon
Jay Yeary
Roger R. Williams ’86
Alianna A. Baris
Robert J. Ziemba ’93
Samuel J. Payzant ’18
Michele McKay
Jeffrey M. and Carolyn ’85 Hatala
James G. Striley ’84
Kevin P. Brady ’89
Kerry P. Hanifin ’84
Skip E. ’14 and Kim B. ’13 Mclain
Making People Less Hungry
Michael J. ’85 and Elizabeth A. ’85 Norris
Michael and Susan Spadaccini
Virginia T. Delgado ’91
Connie Gibbons ’67
Lewis R. ’71 and Mary E. ’70 Mauro
Lisa A. Schappert
Kathleen McKenzie
Dr. Jennifer and Thomas J. ’87 Musa
Kevin M. Cushner ’12
Jeffrey K. and Sydney M. Davis
Daniel J. Abashian ’08
Karen J. Goodman
CarriLynn M. Stafford ’02
Gerald V. ’79 and Theresa M. Rasmussen
Fred M. Eines ’83
Richard J. Sheftic ’72
Shawn L. Yetter ’82
Jeffrey J. Lehn ’84
Kenneth R. Spencer ’70
Rachel Percival
Michael C. Orlovsky ’82
Ken ’83 and Heather Kidder
Tina Fernandez
Erin Bailey
Thomas C. Lutton ’68
Richard D. Heinrich ’74
Janet and Donald Beal
Wendy J. Decker-Elias ’89
Thomas G. Smith ’65
Ronald E. ’83 and Cynthia J. ’76 Wenzinger
Thomas E. Sullivan ’74
Karen Roeske
Ron J. ’73 and Nancy Feduke
Ronald J. Bates
Mike and Dickey Sopchak