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What is Giving Day?

SUNY Broome Giving Day is our annual fundraising event where our alumni, students, faculty, staff, community organizations and businesses come together to give back and celebrate our great community college. For Giving Day 2021, we raised over $250,000 from over 400 donors. Let’s keep the momentum going!

We believe that no student should have to falter on their college plans because they don’t have the resources or support to make it happen. This is where we all come in! Your gift can make a difference on this campus, can support a student scholarship, and can be the change that our students need.

Lisa Schappert, Senior Director of Development & Alumni Affairs said, “SUNY Broome’s Giving Day is one of the best days of the year! Our alumni and donors understand the importance of supporting the college and our students – we are continuously fascinated by the generosity of our SUNY Broome family.”

This Giving Day, make a gift to change a life! 

Three Hornets standing in the snow and smiling during 24 Hours of Giving.

Our Progress

Our Donors

Your donations at work

Here are a few recent stories of how generosity impacted our College.

2022 Scholarship Reception
Photo of two students receiving scholarships at the Scholarship Reception 2022.
After cancellation in 2020 and 2021 due to the pandemic, the Student Awards Recognition Reception returned to life on May 10, 2022. The traditional event celebrates the philanthropy of countless donors and the academic excellence of SUNY Broome students.

Three hundred and twenty-three scholarships were awarded to students during this event — the most scholarships given to date. Scholarships can be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, with a few covering the total cost of tuition. Keep Reading.

Beyond the Classroom Grant
SUNY Broome has long recognized that some of the most memorable educational moments happen outside the classroom. With our donor-supported Beyond the Classroom grant, we unlock once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for students such as these.

Two SUNY Broome professors and Students stand with the Fagradalsfjall volcano erupting behind them. Studying in Iceland
SUNY Broome faculty Dr. Kennie Leet and Professor Jason Smith were in Iceland with two independent study students when the Fagradalsfjall volcano began erupting after an 8-month hiatus. A fissure opened up in the Meradalir valley to the northeast of last year’s eruption. Keep reading.

Collage of three photos: Justin in the SUNY Broome kitchen; Justin with his award and medal; Justin's amuse bouche. American Culinary Federation Competition

Justin Yap (CULI ’22), a recent graduate, represented SUNY Broome in the American Culinary Federation (ACF) competition in Las Vegas, Nevada. His hard work paid off and he was awarded a silver medal for “Student Chef of the Year.” Keep reading.

SUNY Broome students on the plane headed to the Civil War Conference. Civil War Conference
On April 30, 2022, five SUNY Broome students faced an educated audience of scholars, historians, professors, and military history aficionados. As panelists at the Society for Military History (SMH) Annual Conference in Fort Worth, Texas, they were about to give a presentation and Q&A based on their Fall 2021 Civil War course. Keep Reading.

Ways You Can Help

Donations empower students to complete their goals and provide financial support and educational opportunities. With increasing college costs, living expenses, and economic hardship, many cannot afford college without financial assistance.

Scholarships & Grants-In-Aid

A group of Students crowd around Stinger, the college Hornet mascot, and give thumbs-up signs

Over 320 need-based or merit-based scholarships are awarded annually to deserving students. Because of private support, hundreds of students are recognized for their hard work and can achieve their goals with less debt.

SUNY Broome also awards many students in need with grants-in-aid, without requiring them to apply for the assistance (which is necessary to be considered for a scholarship).

Student Emergency Fund

Girl with a student planner

The Student Emergency Fund helps SUNY Broome students in troubling times to stay in college and move into a brighter tomorrow. The fund grants up to $500 or documented emergency expenses such as unexpected medical bills, car repairs, and more to students in need.

Faculty Development

Faculty development donations support expanded and updated professional knowledge for our faculty and staff and create resources for unique faculty and student projects.

Campus Enhancements

Our mission also includes providing the college with the funding to enhance our campus and acquire modern, up-to-date equipment, which keeps SUNY Broome at the forefront of innovation and technology.

24 Hours of Giving Videos

24 Hours of Giving Videos are coming soon!

Three Happy Students holding up thank you signs.
Your support gives students a boost!

“My parents have already helped put three other kids through college. This scholarship will greatly help with my expenses,” said nursing major, Abbey…

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