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We had a great year!

For 24 Hours of Giving 2019, we surpassed our goals!

Thank you to our donors for being so generous year after year – 2019 was another great year!

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Our top priority at the BCC Foundation is to provide scholarships to SUNY Broome students. With increasing tuition and fees, living expenses and some of life’s burdens, many students cannot attend college without additional assistance. Because of our donors, we are able to lessen the financial burden on our students which helps them to achieve their goals and complete their education.

Faculty Development
Part of our mission is to provide our faculty and staff members with the resources to expand their professional knowledge by providing funding for unique faculty and student projects. This allows our faculty to stay current on the latest trends by providing funds to attend workshops and seminars.
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Campus Enhancements

Our mission also includes providing the college with the funding to make enhancements to our campus and acquire modern, up-to-date equipment which keeps SUNY Broome at the forefront of innovation and technology. Our donors can provide our students with the opportunity to have “real life” experiences in their programs.

Your support makes a difference in the lives of our students!

SUNY Broome Giving Day!

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The BCC Foundation Phonathon Callers are our “Front-line Fundraisers”; raising support from our community – for their fellow students. They chose to be a caller because of their dedication to education and helping others find their way to SUNY Broome. They feel that every individual is deserving of an education and our phonathon callers want to help.

CALL US | +1 (607) 778-5182


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Print out this sheet and let everyone know why you chose to give. Make sure to use the hashtag #Broome24.


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Thank you to the below individuals for contributing items to support 24 Hours of Giving.

Alison Sheridan-Brennan – Raffle Basket

American Dining Creations – Refreshments

Applebee’s Neigborhood Bar and Grill (on Front Street)

Cracker Barrel (on Front Street)

Dental Hygiene Department – Two Raffle Baskets

Nirchi’s (on Front Street)

Starbucks (on Front Street)


Dr. Alan C. Schroeder ’78
Amy J. Zieziula
Dr. Andrea C. Wade ’15
Dr. Carol Ross-Scott
Dr. Daniel Brennan and Alison Sheridan-Brennan
Dr. Francis L. ’68 and Dr. Helen T. ’74 Battisti
Dr. Jennifer and Thomas J. ’87 Musa
Dr. Kathleen McKenna
Dr. Kevin E. and Bonnie Drumm
Dr. Linda H. Biemer
Dr. Mark D. ’66 and Kathryn A. ’67 Seymour
Dr. Penny A. Haynes ’83
Dr. Susan M. Seibold-Simpson
James W. Johnston ’73
Richard ’68 and Linda A. Becraft
A. Jared ’64 and Barbara N. ’64 Adams
Alec R. Mikeska ’16
Alfred C. Ketchum ’58
Alfred J. ’77 and Nancy L. Amell
Andrew S. Gates ’67
Anthony G. LoTempio
Anthony Palombaro
Arthur J. Zumbach ’56
Ben Dilorenzo ’75
Bruce D. Nelson ’68
Bruce T. Baker ’92
Carle V. ’89 and Carolyn A. Truman
Cedric C. Putnam ’64
Chris C. Julian ’62
Daniel L. Winters ’82
Dan R. Jones ’81
David E. ’64 and Charlene A. Shupp
David L. and Colleen Adour
Dennis P. ’69 and Pat Sullivan
Dennis W. Haggerty ’67
Donald J. Savage ’53
Douglas C. and Judy Garnar
Douglas R. ’62 and Betsy W. Johnson
Edward P. Yetsko
Elliott D. Reitz
Eric G. Pike ’85
Ernest G. Pilotti Jr. ’60
Frank J. ’70 and Suzanne Dabrovolski
Fred C. Shaheen ’80
Fred D. ’66 and Elaine S. ’69 Iannon
Garey G. ’77 and Bari J. ’76 Roden
Gary P. Pendleton ’71
George W. ’60 and Diane E. Skelton Jr.
Skip E. ’14 and Kim B. ’13 Mclain
Gerald R. Newby ’71
Gerald V. ’79 and Theresa M. Rasmussen
Hans Van Houten
Harold F. ’51 and Margaret Sadler Jr.
Howard S. Rothe ’49
Jack T. ’68 and Eileen Skutnik
James G. Striley ’84
James R. ’85 and Laura J. ’86 McDuffee
Sharon Ball and James W. ’73 Johnston
James W. Hill III ’73
Jeffrey J. Lehn ’84
Jeffrey K. Pettit ’95
Jeffrey M. and Carolyn ’85 Hatala
Jeremiah L. ’72 and Marianne S. Driscoll
John ’56 and Elizabeth V. Ficke
John A. Covert ’14
John C. Petkash ’83
John E. ’57 and Mary J. ’58 Herrick
John H. ’63 and Rita M. Cregier II
John J. Sturek ’65
John P. Curtin ’60
Jon and Andrea Roma
Joseph M. ’86 and Ann E. Potak
Margaret T. and Joseph M. Coffey
Joseph T. ’80 and Ann M. Conaty
Joseph T. Sayles ’77
Kenneth E. ’69 and Margaret A. Gill
Ken ’83 and Heather Kidder
Kyle A. ’06 and Sarah Everett
Lawrence and Karen Anderson
Lawrence F. D. Wheeler ’67
Lawrence P. Allen ’01
Lawrence T. Truillo ’73
Leon R. Osborne ’54
Lowell W. ’71 and Ruth I. Stever
Lynn P. Dann ’49
Mark Beavers
Mark L. McLain ’72
Mark R. ’84 and Patricia A. Beaudoin
Mark R. Albrecht ’76
Martin J. Guzzi ’83
Melvin F. ’58 and Barbara Beam
Merlin T. ’78 and Janet M. ’78 Hertzog
Michael J. ’61 and Carol E. Vanuga
Michael J. ’80 and Gwen K. ’08 Kania
Michael R. Wood ’72
Morton and Ronnie Goldberg
Neil M. ’81 Green and Eunsil Kim
Neil R. Arvonio Jr. ’78
Nicholas J. Taro Jr. ’95
Norman A. ’69 and Aleta Woodward
Ozmun and Patricia G. Winters
Patrick A. ’03 and Jaime R. ’07 Warren
Patrick A. ’95 Hollenbeck and Loreta Paniccia
Paul A. ’87 and Ann M. Sargent
Paul E. ’90 and Nanette L. ’81 Hlebica
Philip A. ’97 and Jacqui L. ’98 March
Philip M. Smetana ’77
Ralph E. ’61 and Penelope S. Charlier
Raymond D. Baldwin ’60
Raymond Hugh Doyle ’56
Raymond S. Landon Jr. ’50
Richard A. ’78 and Nancy E. ’78 Mastro
Richard C. Griffis
Richard F. ’67 and Susan J. Alcott
Richard H. Martin ’55
Richard J. Kazmark ’85
Richard L. Price ’68
Ricky R. ’76 and Paula M. ’73 Halliday
Robert C. Robinson ’51
Robert L. Parke Sr. ’74
Robert Lofthouse
Robert P. Fridh ’78
Rudolph Roman ’69
Russell E. Dyer ’52
Russell L. Reid ’74
Russell T. Sanaeko ’71
Scott E. Kavulich ’01
Scott M. Craver ’93
Stephen E. ’76 and Mary Lewis
Stephen M. ’73 and Linda C. ’72 Gardner
Steven C. Natale ’88
Steve W. ’79 and Debra Laibe
Thomas E. Sullivan ’74
Thomas H. Traver ’61
Thomas J. ’71 and Anne M. Lamphere
Thomas L. and Corinne H. Crandell
Thomas R. Hammitt ’69
Vincent J. ’64 and Kathleen M. Innarella
Wayne J. France ’65
William B. ’70 and Julie W. Spencer
William E. ’67 and Eileen F. Seymer
William T. Powell ’75
Zachariah K. Riley ’10
Amy D. and Lee R. Englehart
Cheryl A. ’66 and Larry R. Cutting
Christine T. Craver ’72
Colleen M. Culverwell ’90
Danielle Mahoney-Brown
Darlene A. Kanuk ’94
Darlene M. Walter ’87
Denise M. Nugent ’85
Diane M. Julian ’71
Doreen A. ’78 and Alan C. Schwartz
Doreen M. ’69 McPartland-Voigt and Colin Voigt
Esther L. Sabol ’78
Florence J. Runyon ’74
Gina Chase
Heather L. Vestel ’12
Helen L. Belle ’90
Janine C. Hagerman ’88
Jean C. and John K. Krichbaum
Jean L. Perrin Wickham ’67 and Denis E. Wickham
Joyce A. ’85 and Steven D. Sherwood
Katherine A. Laucks Picard ’59
Kathleen and David Bartlow
Kay F. Hahn-Casler ’67
Kristine S. Caughell ’73
Lisa A. Schappert
Lynn M. Fedorchak ’80
Margaret A. Turna
Margaret D ’68 and R. Mark Walker
Marlene B. ’63 and Roy Mulcahy
Mary A. Gilbert ’13
Mary A. Mikula ’74
Mary E. Gonsowski ’91
Mary Kathryn DeVito
Maureen K. Kollar-Breck ’13
Meigo H. and Michael W. Fitzpatrick
Michele A. ’86 and Shawn R. Resue
Nancy M. Kratky Stefanski ’67
Nancy S. ’78 and Kenneth L. Thrash
Nina M. Canzler ’83
Paige and Paul Sedlacek
Patricia M. Evans ’76
Patricia P. ’89 and Eric C. Lett
Regina M. Alfieri-Squier ’09
Rhonda M. West ’82
Rosemary Collins Reutlinger ’62
Sandra M. Whittaker ’81
Sharon A. ’91 and Thomas Nebzydoski
Sharon W. ’77 and Ronald G. Lilley
Shirley M. Spalik ’74
Susan M. and Dr. Charles W. Carpenter
Tera Doty-Blance
Wanda R. Sierzant Broczkowski ’91 and Mark Broczkowski
Amber A. Johnson
Angelique Zuccolo ’98
Anne L. Hoffman ’64
Barbara A. Hughes
Brittany Richardson
Caitlin A. Kuhnen ’16
Carol A. Baranowski ’66
Carol A. Preston ’76
Catherine R. Williams and Dr. Aleksey Tikhomirov
Cheryl J. Kurosky ’76
Cheryl L. Sullivan ’04
Cindy Picciano ’01
Danielle M. Berchtold ’97
Debbie S. Hart ’83
Deborah E. Richards ’92
Delanie R. Madison ’15
Diane M. Simonds ’76
Donna M. Bogutsky ’67
Dorothea Smith
Erin Yetsko Frye
Gina L. Allabaugh ’89
Heidi K. Melzer ’12
Jacqueline Brady Deinhardt ’51
Jeanette M. Brennan ’93
Jeanette Tillotson
Jennifer Micale
Joanna R. Barton ’17
Jola A. Barrie ’15
Joyce H. Horstman ’64
Karan J. Drum ’95
Karen J. Goodman
Katelyn A. Madison ’12
Kathryn Connerton
Kathryn E. Sipel ’77
Kristin A. Hinds ’90
Kristin G. Bensen-Hause ’02
Laura J. Hodel ’15
Leslie A. Molessa ’75
Leslie Reid
Lorna J. Wells ’83
Lynne A. Attanasso ’81
Margaret Sullivan
Maria I. Basualdo ’99
Marielle C. Zuccolo ’02
Marlene A. Yacos ’69
Mary A. Chittenden ’81
Melissa D. Pianosi ’07
Nancy E. Button
Nancy J. Mangino ’84
Peggy J. Holmes
Penny DelFavero
Rachael M. Hagerman ’99
Rebecca J. Stevens ’06
Rhoda R. Neal ’99
Sandra K. Wright
Sandra S. Raponi ’62
Sara Rose
Sharon P. Eldridge ’94
Stephanie L. Schaefer ’15
Susan I. Langton ’87
Susan L. Wellington
Susan M. Percoco ’80
Susan M. Stracquadanio ’14
Susan Woerner
Valerie A. Vavra ’78
Victoria M. Metritikas ’88
Reverend Janet E. Wright ’68
Junelle Perry
Harold G. Beam Jr. ’68
Friends of Korey Wanko Memorial Scholarship
The Paul Family Foundation
SUNY Broome Student Giving
John A. Basmajian ’49
Raymond James
Alex Brown
Anne Haner-Uncapher
Carla Michalak
Shannan Summers
Justin Groats
Amanda Van Horn
Nick Gilbert
Samantha White
Tyler Stiene
Grace Parker
Natalie Braman
Jason Walsh
Matthew Stets
Aaron Kunkel
Nathan Lindsay
Michael Willard
Antoine Seif
Jessica Mangino
Lauren Richmond
Crystal Morales
Jaymie Tickner
Lillian McCormack
Shanuan Sweeney
Jawad Muhammad
Kelsey Howard
Tina Cintron
Alexander Murgueritio
Collin Oliver
Colby Patterson
Iysha Phillis
Alisha Sacket
Derek Mann
Sierra Bell
Abigayle Bennett
Matthew Marino
Donnell Weldon
Joshua Coyne
Brandi Shimer
Joshua Jackson
Kamilah Grosso
Cassie S.
Richard Sthappcha
Kevin Daly
Jack Andrews
Deemer Decker
Dr. Michael Kinney